February 10, 2016 Weekly Distributor Call

In this week’s call we covered Don’s “Ready, Set, Sell!” formula to get from Zero to GPS Hero in 90 Days, plus we unveil a great strategy to start contacting prospects tonight!

Did you miss it or want to hear it again? Here it is…

…and here is the text for you to send out via Facebook PM or text message (TONIGHT!) to ten people you know who are parents and 35-55 years old:

Message One:

You have to see my new family GPS monitoring system, it’s amazing! I can show you…

(wait for reply…)

Message Two:

I need to show you from my phone or laptop. What’s a good time to meet in the next few days?

Can’t get yourself to send it to ten people tonight? Then send it to ONE PERSON right now! Take a breath, and send it to another, then call your sponsor with the results and go from there – YOU CAN DO IT, so…

GO FOR IT! And please send replies to your first message and your overall results to shelly@gpsheroes.com so we can fine tune the program and report the results back to the group!

You are on your way!



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