4 More Myths About GPS Tracking Service

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In the past, we have shared with you some common misconceptions about GPS tracking. But since we hear them all the time, some new myths have come to light. If you’re a business owner weighing the decision to purchase a GPS tracking system, read on for clarification on some myths you may have heard.

Myth: It isn’t wise to invest in a new, unproven technology.

Fact: Well, that might be true. Often it is best to wait until a technology has proven itself worthwhile before integrating it into your business.

However, this rule does not apply to GPS tracking service. GPS has been around for decades, and the technology is highly precise and reliable. In business applications, GPS service has been repeatedly proven to reduce operational costs and boost productivity.

Myth: I don’t really need a GPS tracking service; that’s what cell phones or hand-held radios are for.

Fact: A reliable GPS tracking service will provide many benefits not found with hand-held devices. For starters, a GPS device is attached to your vehicles, and won’t be lost or removed from the vehicle the way that phones and radios often are. This offers far better protection against theft and loss.

A tracking service also offers many benefits you won’t find with cell phones, such as analysis of fuel consumption, speeding patterns, mileage, maintenance reminders, and customer service. And finally, your employees can’t simply turn off their GPS tracking devices, the way that cell phones or radios can be turned off (or lose their charge).

Myth: GPS tracking is one of many products I can purchase, that will boost my business productivity.

Fact: Yes, GPS tracking will boost your productivity, but it’s erroneous to think of it as a “product”. The product itself – the device which we will install in your vehicle – only comprises a fraction of the true value of the technology. A good GPS tracking service provides the real return on your investment.

Myth: All GPS tracking services provide the same benefits.

Fact: Nearly all GPS service providers will ask you to sign a contract, between three and five years, but not all services are the same. GPS tracking is only as useful as the service behind the devices… so do your research carefully, and choose a service that you can trust. Remember to compare the different benefits offered between various GPS tracking services, and check each company’s reviews.

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