4 Ways GPS Tracking Can Streamline Business Operations

iStock_000047258964_SmallFor most businesses, workplace efficiency is nearly always an area that can use some improvement. And very often, the solutions are right under our noses. You don’t necessarily need to hire expensive consultants to pinpoint efficiency problems and leaks in your daily budget. Often a GPS tracking service can offer the solutions you need, at a fraction of the cost. In fact, once you calculate the savings and revenue-boosting effects listed below, you will probably find that our GPS tracking service pays for itself!

Scheduling jobs. Viewing the location of all vehicles, plus any obstacles in the way such as traffic jams, helps you delegate responsibilities appropriately. You can send the nearest driver to new jobs that come up unexpectedly, and quickly send necessary equipment or supplies to drivers who need assistance.

Solving dispatching and routing dilemmas. When traffic or construction impedes your drivers’ routes, they can be quickly re-routed. If a job takes longer than expected, or a driver gets sick and needs to go home, you can quickly send a replacement driver to cover their stops. ┬áService times and customer satisfaction will improve, and your drivers will spend less time on the road.

Improving safety. Our GPS tracking service will notify you of dangerous driving behaviors, such as speeding, aggressive accelerations, hard braking, and more. Fleet managers have the power to enforce safe driving habits, which can cut back on time-consuming accidents, dealing with repairs and insurance claims, and replacing drivers who are out of commission due to injuries.

Greater oversight. With a live view of your vehicles available at all times, you can see where each driver is located. If anyone strays from their route or makes unnecessary stops, you will know about it immediately.

Improving workplace efficiency can help you cut back on unnecessary overtime, plus reduce fuel expenditures. But your customers will also be more satisfied, as jobs are completed more efficiently and quickly. Give us a call to discuss our GPS tracking service, and we’ll demonstrate the myriad of ways it can help your business succeed.

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