Business Management Made Easier With GPS

easy hardway road sign arrowA GPS tracking system is more than just a cool dot on a map. When you consider all of the features available, it’s easy to see how the system becomes a multi-use tool for managing business time and expenses. While every system on the market may not include all of these exact features, here are some ideas of what you can expect from a good GPS system.

Speeding. If you’re a business owner, you might be interested in the “speeding alert” feature. This shows you when a driver has exceeded the posted speed limit so you can determine whether a particular driver might be engaging in risky behavior. This will help you to cut back on costly insurance claims from accidents, and this is why some insurance companies may give you a discount for having GPS tracking installed on your fleet vehicles.

For private individuals, this feature often comes in handy for keeping track of teenage driving behavior!

Maintenance alerts. Your GPS system can track the vehicle’s mileage, and give you alerts when it’s time to change the oil, rotate the tires, and more. Regular vehicle maintenance saves you money on repairs, and prevents time-consuming mishaps on the road.

Idling alerts. When drivers leave vehicles idling for long periods of time, your fuel costs increase. Your GPS system can track idling times and notify you when these events last beyond your pre-set parameters.

Geofence. If there are geographic areas which your drivers should not enter or leave, you can program your GPS system to send you alerts when the vehicle crosses certain boundaries. This feature serves various business purposes, and also helps parents keep track of young drivers.

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