Business Owner Steals His Own Truck!

Driving on beach with white double-cab 4x4

We all know that a GPS tracking service can protect fleet vehicles from theft, or at least help business owners swiftly and safely recover them when they are stolen. But sometimes the system can work in reverse; GPS tracking recently helped one of our business owners to “steal” his own truck, and teach employees a valuable lesson.

This business owner, Pete, noticed through his GPS Heroes app that one of his vehicles had been parked in the same location. Suspiciously, the vehicle was located at a public beach, nowhere near its intended route for the day. After calling both of the employees who were supposed to be using the vehicle that day, Pete could not get in touch with either one of them. So, he took matters into his own hands.

Pete asked another employee to drive him to the beach parking lot. Once there, he located his missing vehicle and “stole” it. He still had no idea where his employees were, but at least he recovered his property.

Hours later, Pete received a frantic phone call from his missing employees. Regretfully, they informed him that his vehicle had been stolen, and that they needed a ride back to work. All the while, they were unaware that their boss was the one who had “stolen” the truck!

Pete went to retrieve the wayward employees, and asked them why they were at the beach… in their swimming trunks! They confessed to taking a “short break” to go bodysurfing, at which point Pete revealed that he was, in fact, the “thief” who stole the company vehicle! Armed with time and location data from his GPS tracking service, Pete was also able to confront his employees about their little bodysurfing excursion. That “short break” had lasted hours!

Pete’s workers felt embarrassed, and were appropriately reprimanded for their behavior. Meanwhile, Pete had a bit of fun with an otherwise stressful situation.

As amusing as this story is, it serves as an important reminder to business owners about the value of a GPS tracking service: Without it, you never really know where your vehicles are, what their drivers are doing, or how much money you are spending to fund extracurricular activities!

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