GPS Catches an Employee Doing Good!

iStock_000017099903_SmallWe often tell business owners that a GPS tracking system can help them discover dangerous driving behavior committed by their employees. But sometimes, the opposite is true. We have actually seen occasions when GPS tracking proved that someone was not speeding or driving recklessly!

Recently, one driver was pulled over by a police officer and issued a ticket for driving 93 miles per hour in a 65 miles-per-hour speed zone. This ticket would have cost the driver not only his driver’s license, but also his job. On top of that, the business owner’s insurance rates could have been affected, because any reckless driving behavior on the part of employees increases risk in the insurance company’s eyes.  Need we mention liability if the driver were to hit something or someone going that fast??

However, the driver insisted that he had not been speeding. He was sure that the police officer’s radar gun was faulty, or that he somehow pulled over the wrong vehicle.

The driver and company owner researched that vehicle’s history with their GPS tracking software, and found some very compelling evidence. They went to court to fight the ticket, and were able to prove that the driver had only been traveling 65 miles per hour when the police officer stopped him.

The judge threw out the ticket, the driver’s record was spared, and everyone was saved a lot of money.

It can be scary to think that one oversight by a police officer could cost someone money, or even their job. But our officers are human, and can make mistakes due to faulty equipment or some other reason. But with a GPS tracking service, there is no doubt about a particular driver’s behavior. In this case, a driver was able to prove his innocence and preserve his position within the company. The business owner was happy, too, because his auto insurance rates stayed low, and he didn’t have to hire and train a new employee.

So when you think of all the benefits of GPS tracking, remember that your system doesn’t serve only to catch people doing wrong.  Sometimes you can “catch” your employees doing the right thing!

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