GPS devices for Children

Nothing matters more than their safety…


Our kids are precious, and you want to know you’ve done everything possible to ensure they are safe.

Parents sometimes leave for work before the kids leave for school and come home long after the bus drops them back at home.

You can receive an instant alert by e-mail or text message when your child arrives.

Locate your children with a GPS Device

Want to keep track of your child when they go on a field trip or outing with friends?

Your GPS Heroes Consultant is ready to help…

Getting to
School & Back

Get an instant alert when they leave the bus stop, arrive at school or home.


Get an immediate text or e-mail alert when your child is afraid, lost or just needs you.

GPS Monitor

Attach to shoes, belt, backpack or armband. Safety made simple.


Give the entire family Peace of Mind no matter their special requirements.

We’re standing by to assist you

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