Play Hard, Play Safe…

recreationGraphicWhatever you do for fun, your GPS Heroes Consultant is ready to help keep you and your recreational vehicles safe while you do it.

Runners, Cyclists, Kayakers, Hikers – Outdoor enthusiasts can record adventures while loved ones watch your progress live. Our “Panic Button” feature sends immediate location data by e-mail or text message to a cell phone.

ATV’s, UTV’s, RV’s – Live tracking keeps you safe while recording your trip. Worried about theft? Get instant alerts for unauthorized use and immediately initiate theft recovery.

Watersports, Aviation & More – If you are out having fun, chances are someone is concerned about your safety. Whatever your interests are, we’ll help you track and protect the people and things that matter most!

Wearable GPS Monitor – attach to shoes, belt or armband or backpack. Safety made simple.

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