Teen Drivers

Promote safe driving habits and fight peer pressure…

“Teens are the most at-risk group of drivers on the road.”

The GPS Heroes Teen Driver Program – includes our Plug n’ Play in-vehicle device, full reporting, SpeedGauge, Roadside Assistance and much more…

If Your Teen Rides in other Teen’s Cars – Keep YOUR teen safe with our Personal GPS Monitors…

You’ve talked to them, taught them to drive safely, and you trust them to do the right thing. But, you know the statistics, and you worry about your teen falling victim to them. You worry about peer pressure. Of course, you are not alone. Every parent worries about the safety and security of their teen drivers, and for good reason!

“If you are the parent of a teenage driver you are probably agonizing over their safety and security…”

All parents struggle with the risk of allowing their teenager to take responsibility of driving on their own.

Will they be careful? Will they make the right decisions?

  • More than half (56%) of young drivers use cell phones while driving.
  • 69% said that they speed to keep up with traffic.
  • 64% said they speed to go through a yellow light.
  • 47% said that passengers sometimes distract them.
  • 50% said they believed that most crashes involving teens result from drunk driving.
  • 3,467 drivers age 15-20 died in car crashes in 2005 alone.
  • Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for teenagers.

Now GPS Heroes combines a simple in-vehicle device with internet, GPS and wireless data technologies that allows parents to easily monitor teen drivers during those critical first years of driving!

You’ll know every time the ignition is turned on or off, every stop the vehicle makes (exact address and cross street), and you’ll see a “breadcrumb” trail between stops that shows how your teen progressed from one location to the next. Each breadcrumb also reports the speed your teen’s vehicle was traveling. It’s as if you were riding along in the passenger seat – your teen will know you are there, positively influencing the dozens of decisions they must make as they continue to learn the skills of responsible, safe driving. You can also create “GeoFenced” areas that your teen driver is required to stay within – or out of. You can be notified instantly when a GeoFence is violated, speeding or after-hour driving occurs plus manage vehicle maintenance, recover a stolen vehicle and much more.

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