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Our system provides all the features you need to manage your fleet, reduce costs and increase efficiency:


Are there areas, territories or locations that your drivers should not enter or should not leave? Maybe you would just like to be alerted when an area is entered, exited or both. This feature allows you to draw a geofence of any size and shape right on the map. When your vehicles cross into or exit the geofence a record of the event is created, and an instant alert can be sent by text message or e-mail.

Idling Events

Our Idle Event feature is one of our most powerful money-savers. Excessive Idling is one of the most common and costly problems for fleet operators. In cold and hot climates drivers often leave their vehicles running while stopped to stay comfortable while at lunch or on breaks. Now, if your vehicle is not moving but the engine is running an Idling Event begins. Once the vehicle starts moving again, or the ignition is turned off the Idling Event ends. This event is recorded on the Idle Events report , and if the Idle Event last longer than your set parameters an instant text or e-mail alert can be generated!

Maintenance Alerts

You run your vehicles hard, and we want to help you keep them running. Our Maintenance Alerts feature can help you keep track of any maintenance item by calendar days, miles or engine hours. Specific intervals for oil changes, tire rotations, valve adjustments, registration renewals, safety inspections and more can be entered into our system. You can then run reports to see what services are due for each vehicle. You can also create text or e-mail alerts to be sent when a service becomes due. Preventive Maintenance will save you money and time!

Reporting Suite

We make it easy to keep track of your fleet with our Reporting Suite. Reports include Stops, Idling, Breadcrumb Trail, After-Hours, Geofence, Maintenance, Speeding and more. All reports can be run on demand, or can be scheduled to automatically be sent by e-mail daily, weekly or monthly. Run reports as a printable pdf, or export as a .csv file. Our support specialists will help you determine and set up which reports will serve you best!

Speeding Alerts

One of our most popular features! When your fleet vehicles drive too fast they burn more fuel and are a liability to your company. Our database contains the actual posted speed limits for every section of road in North America. When one of your vehicles drives beyond the speed limit a Speeding Event is logged, and an instant alert can be sent by text or e-mail. Once a driver receives a few warnings as a result of our Speed Alerts you will be amazed how quickly your aggressive drivers change their driving behavior!

Stops Report

Our most popular report! You will see the exact time each stop begins and ends, and the duration of each stop. Imagine comparing your driver’s logs or timecard to our Stops Report. Were all the stops actually made reflected on the timecard? Were stop durations the same? Were lunches and breaks correctly recorded? You will also clearly see exactly when the vehicle first started in the morning and when the last job of the day ended. Do your vehicles go home with your drivers? You can stop worrying about whether your vehicles are being used after hours or on weekends!

Breadcrumb Trail

When moving, your vehicles will report in minute-by-minute with their exact location, direction of travel and speed! You can now see exactly how your vehicles progress from stop to stop. Our animated playback recreates the trip as you watch. Many customers tell us they have been able to create better routes by comparing the breadcrumb trail of several vehicles and refining their routes resulting in less miles being driven. This means big savings on fuel and labor!

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