What is GeoFencing?

We frequently mention “geo fences” and “geofencing” in our blogs and often advise our customers to utilize this feature in order to protect their property or even a loved one.  Since we also realize that industry lingo might be confusing at times, we thought we’d back up for a minute here and talk about what geo fencing actually is.

garden fencePicture a fence in your mind. It surrounds a particular property or defines the boundaries of that property, right?  With a traditional fence, you can contain something or someone inside of that boundary.

A geo fence works in the same way, except the boundary isn’t physical or visible. It’s an invisible but very real boundary that you establish with your GPS tracking service, and you receive an instant alert (via text or email) any time your GPS tracking device crosses that invisible line. In other words, your GPS tracking device (along with the object or person attached to it) cannot leave your geo fenced area without you knowing about it immediately.

We have customers using our GPS tracking service to establish a geo fence for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Keeping track of teen drivers – do you really know where your teenager is, once you let them loose with the family car?   Maybe you don’t want them to leave the city limits and would like to know if they do?
  • Tracking pets – your actual fence might not contain them, but you can receive an alert if Fido digs or jumps his way out, saving you time and money bailing him out of the local pound (or worse).
  • Keeping loved ones safe – whether you are worried about an elderly relative with Alzheimer’s, or a child with a developmental disorder like autism, wandering is a common and serious concern.
  • Business applications – see where your company drivers and equipment are located at any given moment and receive instant notifications if someone deviates from their expected service area.
  • Protect personal property – you’ll know right away if your ATV, boat, motorcycle, or other personal property leaves its appropriate area.

As you can see, the applications for GPS tracking and geo fencing are endless. These are just a few of the more common uses for geofencing, but you might have a unique need of your own. For more information on our GPS tracking service, call one of our helpful representatives. They can demonstrate multiple uses for the service, and help you decide if GPS tracking is right for you.

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