GPS Tracking Service Can Keep Your Pet Safe

Hund am Zaun klettert drüberYou arrive home from a long day at work, ready to spend some time with your best friend. But instead of being greeted in the yard by a wagging tail and excited barks, you’re met with silence … and a big hole under the fence. Your fluffy, friendly Golden Retriever has eloped once again, probably seeking the company of other dogs or even the trash man while you were at work. You now begin the long process of tracking him down; you call the neighbors, you walk around the neighborhood, and you end up having to take time off of work the next morning to visit the local pound.

It’s a common occurrence. Of the 7.6 million animals that enter local shelters each year, a relatively small proportion are actually relinquished by their owners. Twice as many come into the shelter as strays, picked up off the streets, as opposed to voluntarily surrendered. That means quite a few pets show up at shelters simply because they got lost!

Losing your pet means massive anxiety for you, possible injury or death for him, and time off work while you search for him. Aside from erecting a fence worthy of Fort Knox, what else can you do to keep Fido safe?

Actually, there’s one simple step you can take, that will help you find your lost pet quickly. In fact, it can even prevent him from getting lost in the first place! We’re developing a GPS tracking device designed with pets in mind, so that you can know where your best friend is at all times.

The device will attach to your pet’s collar, and synchronizes in real time with the GPS Heroes app on your phone or computer. Any time you want to check up on Fido, you simply log into the app and verify his location. Even better, you don’t have to remember to check up on him. By establishing a geofence with instant alerts, you can receive a notification via text or email the very second your pet breaches that invisible barrier (say, your yard). You’ll know as soon as he escapes your yard, saving you valuable minutes or hours searching for him.

For more information on our GPS tracking service for you car, family, fleet, or pet, call one of our friendly representatives. They can answer your questions and demonstrate the service for you, so that you can judge for yourself how well it can protect what matters most.

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