GPS Tracking Can Save You Money on Auto Insurance

Financial success and accounting conceptMost fleet owners already know that GPS tracking can save them money on operating expenses such as fuel and maintenance for their vehicles. However, you can often get a break on your auto insurance premiums if you use a GPS tracking service! You might wonder why GPS tracking would matter to your insurance provider, but the answers are really not that surprising.

First, a GPS tracking service can easily locate a missing or stolen vehicle. The service protects your vehicles 24 hours per day, and you can receive alerts any time a vehicle crossing an invisible threshold that you establish. Rather than making a huge claim on your auto insurance policy, you simply recover the vehicle. Insurance providers understand that this simple service protects them from enormous claims, and they often pass that savings on to you.

Insurance companies also understand that a GPS tracking service lowers the risk of accidents. Your drivers are likely to be on their best behavior when they know that their driving habits (such as speeding) are being monitored. Vehicles that are well maintained are also less likely to break down on the roadway or cause an accident, and our GPS tracking service protects you with maintenance alerts, too. Having good tires, maintained brakes, regular oil changes, and all other aspects of responsible vehicle maintenance lowers the risk of a problem on the road.  Once again, your insurance company will recognize the benefits of having safer vehicles on the road.

Our GPS tracking service is likely to save you enough in fuel and operating expenses that it should already pay for itself. But once you add in the potential for lower auto insurance premiums, it’s easy to see how the service is such a bargain for business owners.

Call one of our representatives today, and we will demonstrate all of the functions of our GPS tracking service so that you can decide if the technology is right for your fleet.

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