GPS Tracking Catches Employee ‘Raging Out’

Road rage concept with a group of streets or highways and a traffic sign with an human expression of extreme anger as a symbol of emotional driving stress disorder as a mental health issue.

We hear a lot about “road rage” in the news, but we receive little more than a warning to keep our tempers under control while driving. For the private individual, loss of control can mean a speeding ticket or other criminal charges. But for businesses, who take on considerable liability when putting their drivers on the road, a road rage incident can damage the company’s reputation or even result in significant financial complications.

Recently, one of our customers shared an frightening story with us. As a tourist and his family left the Waikiki airport in a rental car, they apparently (and we assume, accidentally) cut off this company’s driver in traffic. The driver yelled at the family, presented them with an obscene gesture, and chased them all the way into the city. The scared family drove their car to the police station, at which point the raging driver abandoned the chase and sped away.

Unfortunately for the driver – but very fortunately for this company’s owner – the tourists managed to record the business name and number listed on the side of the truck. They reported the incident, and the business owner used his GPS tracking service data to verify locations of his drivers.

Sure enough, one driver presented speeding and erratic driving behavior during the time of the reported incident. The business owner confronted him with the report and detailed GPS evidence, and fired him on the spot.

Luckily, this story had a positive outcome. No one was hurt, and the business owner was able to identify and remove an important liability form his company. But without his GPS tracking service, it might have been impossible to determine which driver demonstrated road rage on that particular afternoon. The outcome of a future incident might not have been so benign!

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