GPS Tracking Keeps Tabs on Your Toys

It’s a common misconception that when we grow up, we don’t play with toys anymore. Yeah, right! Tell that to anyone who has a motorcycle, mountain bike, jet ski, boat, kayak, ATV, and so on. We adults love our toys; they’re just a lot more expensive now.

Young caucasian woman in life jacket on a wave runnerThe thing is, we can’t store these toys in a toy box. Often, we don’t even have a place for them in our homes! You might need to moor your boat at a marina, or keep your jet ski in a storage unit. Wherever you decide to house the grown-up versions of your Tonka trucks, it is likely that you feel some trepidation over doing so. After all, these “toys” are expensive, desirable to thieves, and in some cases carry sentimental value.

Wouldn’t it be great to know exactly where your most expensive belongings are located, at all times? That’s exactly what our GPS tracking service can accomplish! Placing a small GPS tracking unit on your recreational vehicle, boat, or bike is simple – and from that point on, all you have to do is log into our GPS Heroes app on a smart phone or tablet, and you can check on the location of your valuable equipment at any time.

You can even set up a “geo fence” and receive alerts if your prized possession ever leaves the vicinity. If anything goes wrong, you won’t discover it days or weeks later, when you remember to check into your app. You will know instantly that something is amiss, and can take steps to notify law enforcement immediately.

As you can see, GPS tracking accomplishes so much more than keeping tabs on your car. We can keep tabs on anything that is valuable to you. So don’t risk the loss of your favorite toys; keep them protected with our GPS tracking service.

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