GPS Tracking Locates a Runaway Jet Ski

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When you think of GPS tracking, you probably think of the obvious: GPS tracking can be installed on cars to track missing teenagers, locate stolen vehicles, monitor employee driving behavior, and so on. And yet, GPS tracking can be used in so many different ways! One of the fun parts of our job is hearing from happy customers who have used their GPS systems in surprising new applications.

Recently, a jet ski company in Hawaii reported an incident involving a runaway jet ski. A customer rented the jet ski for the day, and enjoyed her ride in the Pacific Ocean out of view of the main beach area. While this is normally no cause for concern, it turns out that no one was watching when the lady fell off of the jet ski!

Luckily, the customer was just fine, and lifeguards helped her get to shore safely. But now the rental company had to locate their runaway jet ski. Since no one witnessed the accident, it was impossible to tell which direction they should look. Even just a short distance from shore, a jet ski can become lost in the massive ocean pretty quickly.

But of course, GPS tracking saved the day! The owners had smartly installed GPS devices on all of their equipment, so the jet ski was just a short boat ride away. The owners were able to recover their missing equipment, and saved potentially thousands of dollars doing so.

The moral of this story is pretty clear: When you think of GPS, don’t just think of cars and trucks! We can install a GPS tracking system on pretty much everything that moves – including boats, jet skis, and other recreational vehicles.

Now, we haven’t heard of anyone using GPS tracking on a bicycle yet, but we’ll be sure to let you know if we do!

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