GPS Tracking – Not Just for Land Vehicles!

A glider against a blue sky

When we think of GPS tracking, we often think of cars and trucks. Private individuals use GPS tracking services to monitor their teenage drivers, or to protect their vehicles in case of theft. Companies with fleets of vehicles might use GPS tracking to protect their property, monitor employee behavior, and reduce mileage and fuel expenditures. But GPS tracking has many other uses!

One of our customers, Gus, owns a glider which he leases to a ride operator at a local airport. He lives an hour away, and therefore cannot keep daily tabs on his glider, so he relies upon the operator to report his profits and pay him accordingly.

Over time, Gus grew concerned that he wasn’t receiving all of the compensation due to him. So he had us install battery-powered GPS tracking device on his glider, and we began tracking its flights. Sure enough, the glider was being used fare more than the ride operator was reporting to Gus.

One day, Gus called the operator while the glider was in the air, and asked how business was going. The operator replied, “Not great. Your glider hasn’t flown in several days”. Armed with knowledge from his GPS tracking device, Gus was able to say, “Actually, I can see that it’s in the air RIGHT NOW!”

As you can imagine, the ride operator was quite red-faced over the entire incident. Gus was able to prove that his glider was being used more than reported, and now he isn’t missing out on his profits.

Just think: Without his GPS tracking device, Gus never would have known the truth! He would still be losing money, and a crooked business operator would still be profiting at his expense.

This story should serve to illustrate the flexibility of GPS tracking. It’s not just for cars and trucks anymore!

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