GPS Tracking Saves Kidnap Victim

frightened childWhat would your child do if someone tried to kidnap him or her? More importantly, what would you do? Would you even know something was amiss before it was too late?

Just last week in Utah, a 9-year-old boy managed to escape a man who threw him into the back of a vehicle. After pushing the man away as he attempted to duct tape the boy’s mouth, little Aiden jumped from the vehicle and ran to hide behind a dumpster. And from his clever hiding place, Aiden called his parents for help. Because he was wearing a device that included GPS tracking, his parents were able to quickly find and rescue him. The police are still searching for the would-be kidnapper.

There are now many GPS-enabled devices on the market, including many smart phones. However, parents have expressed concerns about relying on these devices, for legitimate reasons such as:

  • Most kids will play games on their wireless devices or use them to text friends, and could accidentally download a virus or break the device, rendering it useless in an emergency
  • Wireless devices can easily become lost, especially during a struggle
  • Kidnappers are generally aware that cell phones and other devices include GPS tracking, and will dispose of them immediately upon committing the crime
  • Many devices could potentially be tracked by the police, but are not connected to an app which the parents can easily utilize to locate their child
  • Cell phone tracking would only be useful after a crime has been committed, and kidnappings often are not discovered for hours

In this case, little Aiden was able to use his device to call home for help. But if any of the above circumstances had occurred, his wireless device would have been rendered useless. That’s why we recommend that parents not rely upon cell phones and similar devices. They can be helpful in some cases, but are far from foolproof.

A better option is a tiny GPS tracking device that can be hidden on your child, in his clothing, or attached to a shoe. He won’t be tempted to play with it, and kidnappers usually won’t notice it. But the best thing about our GPS tracking service is that it can save you hours in discovering something has gone horribly wrong. When you establish a geofence through the service, you will be notified immediately if your child’s tracking device crosses an invisible boundary. More importantly, you can log into your GPS Heroes app right away and view his location in real time.

In kidnapping cases, it is often said that finding the child within 24 hours gives them the best shot of survival. A GPS tracking service can trim those hours down to minutes. Call one of our representative today, and we will demonstrate how the service can protect your child.

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