GPS Tracking Saves Money – and Reputations!

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Our business owners often tell us that our GPS tracking service helps them streamline driving routes, improve efficiency, and save money. But in some cases, our service helps to save their reputations. Most of the time this comes in the form of improving their customer satisfaction rates… but occasionally we hear some stories that are a bit more entertaining.

One of our business owners, Neil, recently noticed that a particular employee (we’ll call him Jim) was stopping for about an hour at the same location every day. It was not one of Jim’s scheduled stops, and the breaks never happened during his lunch hour. He discovered this by comparing data from his GPS Heroes app to Jim’s supposed route. So Neil researched the mystery address and discovered it was a strip club. Probably not a good place for the company vehicle to be spotted in plain view!

The next day, Neil used his GPS Heroes app to virtually “watch” Jim as he went about his day. Jim made several scheduled stops, and then headed to the strip club. At this point, Neil and another employee drove over there, and entered the club without attracting any attention to themselves.

From a table in the back corner, Neil watched as Jim, clad in his work uniform, ordered a drink and a table dance. At this point, Neil approached Jim’s table and told him, “You realize you’re fired, right?”

As you can imagine, Jim’s face turned bright red as he attempted to stammer out an apology and an explanation. But none of his excuses fazed Neil, who knew Jim had been secretly visiting the strip club for weeks.

Next, it was Jim’s turn to “strip”. Neil demanded that he immediately return his work shirt and hat, along with the keys to the company vehicle. The other employee took the vehicle to finish Jim’s route for the day, and Neil gave Jim a ride back to the office. They quickly processed some termination paperwork together, and Jim was free to return home – or the strip club, if he preferred.

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