3 Things Your GPS Tracking Service Can Tell You

You already know what GPS tracking is, but you might be wondering exactly what type of information you can glean from a GPS tracking service. The practical applications are numerous, but we find that most business owners, as well as parents of young drivers, find the following three reports to be quite straightforward, easy to use, and helpful.

speedometer close up with vibrant colorsSpeeding reports. A GPS tracking service allows you to set up instant alerts, straight to your email or cell phone, any time the vehicle exceeds a chosen speed (say, 65 mph). This reports will list the date and time, the speed of the vehicle, and the location of the incident. For business owners, this feature can help you ensure driver safety, as well as lower the liability associated with an accident. Parents love this feature because it helps them oversee teen driving behavior when they can’t be in the car to supervise directly.

Aggressive driving reports. Some drivers manage to travel unsafely without actually speeding. It’s called “aggressive driving”, and you’ve probably been annoyed or alarmed at this behavior at some point. Since aggressive driving can be dangerous, both business owners and parents benefit from knowing about it as soon as it occurs. Your GPS tracking service can alert you to any sudden increases or decreases in speed, which often indicate aggressive driving behavior.

Stop reports. Did you know that a GPS tracker can also detect when the vehicle is idling? Your GPS tracking service can issue you stop reports, in which you can see the date, time, location, and length of any idle times. You can view this information by logging into your GPS tracking app, or request instant alerts any time a vehicle idles longer than a pre-set time. Business owners love this feature, because it helps them oversee driver routes.

If an employee is stopped longer than he or she should be, or is reporting unnecessary overtime, then you will know about it. Parents love this feature because they can see if their teenager is acting unusual. Some people even utilize this feature to check up on elderly loved ones, who might become confused or disoriented behind the wheel.

Whether you’re the parent of a new driver, or you’re worried about potentially costly employee behavior, GPS tracking can give you the information you need. Call one of our knowledgeable representatives, and they can demonstrate the many uses of GPS tracking reports in great detail, as they pertain to your needs.

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