Murietta Police Department Uses GPS Tracking to Find Missing Persons

Missing persons cases can be among the most terrifying situations for families of those who are lost, and some of the most frustrating cases for police departments to resolve. Searching for a missing child, teenager, or elderly person can often feel like looking for a needle in a haystack. Considering how quickly and easily nearly anyone can access a myriad of transportation options, the search radius for a missing person can encompass the entire state or even the country.

Illustration depicting a computer screen capture with a missing persons concept.Time is another complicating factor in missing persons cases. For each hour that a missing person is not found, the chances of ever finding them alive keep dropping. By the time a person’s absence is discovered, several hours may already have passed.

While anyone can become lost, wandering is particularly common in children with special needs, such as autism, and elderly people who suffer from dementia. Considering the fact that these individuals often present with a lack of awareness of danger, or impaired reasoning skills, they can quickly find themselves in dangerous or deadly situations.

The Murietta police department has recognized these risks, and is taking steps to address the problems they face with missing persons cases. They are now working to educate officers on the use of personal GPS tracking devices, and are urging the families of vulnerable individuals to consider the technology.

A small device can be attached to a person’s clothing, jewelry, or shoes, and it will ping the wearer’s location every few seconds. If a child or elderly person does wander from a safe location, their whereabouts can be discovered by simply logging into our GPS Heroes app. You can even set up a “geo fence”, so that you receive instant notifications any time your loved one strays outside of their safe perimeter.

When time is critical, don’t take chances with your loved one’s safety. Notify the police immediately, and tell them your loved one is wearing a GPS tracking device. Used correctly, this technology should help officials to quickly recover missing people and save lives.

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