Nothing is Too Big to Go Missing!

iStock_000010935754_SmallThere are some things so large, that you might imagine no thief could steal them. Moving them would take special equipment, the theft would be visible to a number of people, and hiding the item would be a challenge. So you might think that construction companies could leave large equipment unattended, right? After all, who would have the ability to steal such a thing?

Have you ever noticed construction companies performing work on highways in the middle of the night? In order to adequately light the area, they use enormous generators that weigh thousands of pounds. These generators can’t even be moved unless you have other very heavy equipment, and a large flatbed truck to transport it.

Would you assume that construction companies can leave these generators unattended during their off hours? After all, who could possibly steal such a thing?

As it turns out, it is possible for a construction foreman to show up at the jobsite, and discover that his massive generator is missing. That’s exactly what happened to one of our clients in Hawaii!

Luckily, the owner of the construction company had some foresight into this issue. Considering the fact that each generator costs upwards of $40,000, he thought it a wise idea to place GPS tracking devices on each of them. And this turned out to be a very smart decision!

On the morning that the theft was discovered, all the owner had to do was turn on his computer. Right there on his screen, he could see the location of the generator. He could also determine when it was stolen, and the route that it was driven to its new location. He could even see that the generator was turned on and being used at that very moment!

At that point, all the business owner had to do was turn over this information to the local police department. They went to the location of the stolen generator, recovered the valuable equipment, and arrested the thieves.

The owner of the generator recovered his stolen property within 24 hours, and business continued as usual.

The moral of this story: Nothing is too big to go missing. Whether it’s a generator, an industrial-sized crane, or an elephant, you should consider protecting your valuable property with a GPS tracking service!

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