Side Jobs Suck!

iStock_000002067144_SmallWe always say that GPS can save fleet owners money in the usual ways: reduce fuel expenditures, less overtime pay, and so on. But a GPS tracking service often yields surprising results, that even we did not expect!

Recently Tom, a roofing company owner, received a call from a disgruntled customer who said that one of Tom’s employees had done a roofing job at his home recently.  The customer was clearly not satisfied with the work performed.

Tom tried to look up the account on his computer, but his records did not show a job at this customer’s address. And yet the customer on the phone insisted that Tom’s company had performed the work!

The mystery deepened when the Tom asked when the job had been performed. He was perplexed when the customer said it had been the previous Saturday, because Tom’s company does not operate on Saturdays.

Clearly, this could have become a frustrating situation for all involved! But Tom simply checked his GPS Heroes tracking system, and sure enough a company truck had spent several hours at this “customer’s” location on the previous Saturday.

Tom confronted the driver of that vehicle, and asked him why a stranger would call and claim that he had performed work in their home. The driver denied that he had ever been at that location, until Tom presented him with the evidence from the GPS Heroes system.

And now the truth was out: The employee had been performing work, using the company truck and materials on weekends. He told the customers he could only accept cash or personal checks, and pocketed the entire service fee.

Without GPS Heroes Tom might never have learned of this employee’s “extracurricular activities”! That’s the beauty of this story – now Tom gets paid for every job his employees do.


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