GPS Heroes: Success Stories

At GPS Heroes, we talk a lot about how our GPS tracking system can help you protect your valuable property and improve business operations. But our success stories really say it all. Check out some recent good news from a couple of our clients.

Vehicle Recoverysuccess

Last month, a thief stole one of the vans at from a roofing company in Honolulu. Normally in this situation, you would have to rely on the police to track down the van and recover it – or not, since many vehicle thefts go unsolved. But because the company had previously installed our GPS tracking system, they were able to locate the stolen van. And since investigators were able to view the van’s route and its stops, they were able to figure out who stole it.

And another story from New Jersey…

Reduction in Overtime Pay

A couple months ago, a landscaping company in New Jersey installed our GPS tracking system in their trucks. The manager now reports that he has been able to drastically reduce overtime hours by seeing exactly when his crews arrive back at the yard. Prior to installing our system, he had simply relied on his employees to accurately report their time. But after installing GPS tracking he found that each crew was claiming, on average, 30 minutes of extra work time each day. This extra time has now been trimmed from his payroll budget, allowing for an improved profit margin.

He also discovered that one sales rep was using a company vehicle for personal use, by tracking the vehicle’s location. This employee was terminated for accumulating over 1,000 unauthorized miles. It’s pretty easy to imagine the eventual cost to the company if such behavior had been allowed to continue unnoticed!

These are just two examples of how real companies are saving time and money by utilizing GPS tracking in their vehicles. For more information on how GPS technology can help your business and improve your profits, give us a call.

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