Three More Things GPS Can Tell You

Forwarder or truck driver in drivers capLast week, we pointed out three super-helpful, money-saving, safety-promoting properties of GPS tracking services. But of course, the benefits of GPS tracking aren’t limited to only those three functions. This week we highlight three more ways that a GPS tracking service can save you money and keep employees or family members safe.

Precise location services. Obviously, the most common function of GPS tracking services is to track locations of vehicles, other objects, people – really, anything the to which the unit is attached. But did you know that GPS technology is so precise, that you can narrow down the device’s location within mere feet? It will be practically impossible to lose an object or person to whom the device is attached – helping you to solve cases of theft or even missing persons very quickly.

The breadcrumb trail. It is often important to know the exact location of a person, vehicle, or object, but sometimes you need to know where the GPS tracking device has been (and which direction it took to get there). That’s why the “breadcrumb trail” can be useful. This trail can help the user reverse their route when needed, or could aid a watchful parent or supervisor in determining the user’s previous locations. The uses of this function are as limitless as your imagination, and will vary from one user to the next.

Maintenance notifications. As your GPS unit tracks a vehicle’s movements, it will also be tracking mileage. Your program will notify you when it is time to change the oil in the vehicle, check the brakes, purchase new tires, and so on. Not only can you prevent bad mechanical problems by conducting regular maintenance on your vehicles; your insurance company might give you a break on premiums, because they know well maintained vehicles are safer vehicles.

These are just some of the helpful properties of a GPS tracking service. If you’re wondering what else GPS tracking can do – and you should be, because you will be surprised at the versatility – give one of our friendly reps a call. We can demonstrate GPS tracking, and show you all of the different ways our service can help your family or business.

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