Top Five GPS Tracking Myths

Forwarder or truck driver in drivers capGPS technology has been around for decades now, but many business owners are still unfamiliar with the possible benefits to their companies. The following five myths are some of the more common misconceptions we often see in the GPS tracking industry.

Our drivers will hate it. GPS tracking can actually cut back on time-consuming paperwork, and helps drivers feel safer while on the road. Many drivers quickly come to love the routing assistance provided by GPS. The only employees who would dislike GPS tracking would be those utilizing company vehicles for personal use; you don’t want that type of worker, anyway, and it’s rare for that to be the case.

GPS tracking is unnecessary. Maybe you rely on employee cell phones for security and communication, but there are numerous problems with this scenario. Poor cell reception and limited battery life often impede the effectiveness of cell phone communication. Not to mention, cell phones don’t necessarily remain in the work vehicle at all times. A GPS unit, on the other hand, remains in the vehicle and can help you locate it if stolen. And GPS units work everywhere, unlike cell phones.

All GPS systems are the same. While the basis for the technology is basically the same no matter which unit you choose, the service you receive will vary widely from one company to the next. Subscribe to monthly service with a company that shows an interest in how your company operates, and which attempts to address your specific goals and concerns.

GPS is too complicated. A good GPS vendor will help you install, learn to use, and manage your devices. It should be a smooth procedure with no hassle for you.

I can’t afford GPS tracking. You will indeed have to invest in the units themselves, and the monthly subscription for service. But most companies recoup their costs within the first few months of using GPS service, on items such as auto insurance, fuel costs, employee overtime, vehicle maintenance, and more.

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