Unexpected Benefits of GPS Tracking Systems

BenefitsGPS tracking carries immense benefits to businesses looking to streamline their operations procedures and cut overhead costs. But the limits of the technology don’t stop there. A recent news story out of Philadelphia underscores the potential – and sometimes quite unexpected – benefits to all of society.

As many used car dealerships do these days, one such dealership in Charles City County, Virginia, installed GPS tracking devices on vehicles in its inventory. Dealerships which commonly sell to high-risk customers with poor credit often utilize these tracking devices so that cars can be quickly and easily located in the event a repossession needs to take place. The devices are generally deactivated until the vehicle owner falls behind on payments.

The intended purpose of these GPS tracking devices is to recover vehicles in repossession cases, but recently such a device led to the fast, miraculous recovery of a kidnapped woman.

Street surveillance cameras caught suspect Delvin Barnes forcing a 22-year-old victim into his car on the evening of Sunday, November 2nd. While reviewing the video tape of the incident, police spotted the emblem of a local car dealership. Authorities called the dealership and asked them to activate the GPS tracking unit installed in the vehicle. Five minutes later, they knew the location of the vehicle – and the terrified kidnapping victim.

In this instance, GPS tracking prevented further serious harm to an innocent woman, and possibly even saved her life. With the suspect now being prosecuted for two instances of kidnapping, forcible rape, and other violent crimes, future crimes may even have been prevented.

Hooray for GPS technology! While installing the system in your vehicles may not lead to such a dramatic conclusion, the tracking units always provide the following benefits:

  • improved workplace efficiency
  • reduced fuel costs due to improved routing systems
  • reduced overhead costs
  • improved employee accountability
  • quick location of your vehicles in the event of theft or accident
  • ….And more! Give us a call to see what GPS can do for your business.

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